Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's been a while...

I've kept up on riding and continue to soldier on through what now
looks like fall, even though it's August. I don't really know what's
going on with the Geezers anymore because we don't really get together
anymore to ride as a group. I guess the good people of Port Angeles
can rest assured that the rowdy bunch of chain-weilding, patched up,
army jacket wearing hooligans aren't terrorizing the streets. Funny
thing is the Chains were connected to our wallets and the the crazy
patched up army coat that were so scary were our fishtail parkas we
wore during the winter to keep warm while riding and the patches were
a throw back to the Mod culture. Go figure.
I've been keeping Sophia maintained and running well all by myself
(thanks to Mike for selling her to me and telling me what books to
get) and plan to pick up a new rear rack so I can mount a spare tyre,
whitewall of course.
My friend Jaybee is getting the final touches done to his P200e and it
should hopefully be done by the end of the month. I don't know if
he'll be around to ride it though because he took a new job over in
Paulsbo at Peninsula Paint. Hopefully we can get a chance to ride as a
group before he moves over there.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here was a Poster for the Future Event

With the looks of everyones hectic schedules, it would probably be best to push it back to next spring. Either way I'm having a great time riding and My Mom has really taken to riding her Metro.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Future Rally!?!

For a while now the Geezers Scooter Club has been throwing the idea around about holding a rally in Port Angeles, and it is starting the come into fruition. The first annual Burning Ring of Fire rally will hopefully be taking place this Summer...that is if we get our asses in gear. If we get everything in order we hope to get the Capital City Scooter Club in Victoria, the Vespa Club of Seattle, the Scooters of Bellingham and maybe if we're lucky, some of the clubs from Oregon as well.
The first annual Burning Ring of Fire rally came from the idea that the local Geezers should get together go on a ride through town and end it all with a large potluck of incredibly spicy food. Here is hoping it all goes off well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Garden City Moustache Ride MMVIII

It started off with me packing my tweed suitcase with some clothes, my
Porkpie hat, Chelsea boots, Winklepickers and my camera. I headed down
to the ferry at 4:10 and met a Westender named Chuck. We loaded our
Scoots on last and went up to the terrace to get some pictures of the
ferry leaving Port Angeles on the 5:15, it was just like Jimmy in
Quadrophenia except for the fact that it was a ferry and not a boat
and I wasn't tripping out on blues but I'm a Mod so that's got to be
worth some points. eh?
6:30 comes up on us and we pull into the inner harbour. I get stopped
as usual whenever I go to Canada. I go through the same thing every
time, Why are you here, How long are you staying, How much money do
you have, ARE YOU SMUGGLING DRUGS INTO CANADA!?!?!?!. I even got chuck
pulled to the side which sucked but at least I had someone to talk to.
After about twenty minutes of sitting there before they realize I'm
not a terrorist or some kind international Drug lord I'm on my way to
check into my room. I was lucky enough to get upgraded to a suite for
the weekend at no extra cost so that was pretty cool, I was able look
in Ah as I discovered they had a Tea Kettle and stove, it was awesome.
After getting into my room having a quick cup of tea, I headed to
Soprano's sports bar for some good Canadian beer and some bad Karaoke.
Cut to the next morning I decided to go light on the beer because I
really didn't want to have to end up getting pulled over or worse
arrested or killed Just because I drank more than I would need to.
Because of that I was able to get up at 7:00 the next morning and
watch some fine Canadian programming like radio CBC, the french
version. they had some cartoon about a Kung-Fu couple going after a
Jaguar man and one of the good guys was a loup-garou, I swear I'm not
making it up. I had a good breakfast that consisted of a Oatmeal and a
cinnamon bun.
Once I finished Breakfast I took the liner out of my fishtail and
headed out for a morning pre-ride ride. I had a mix of people giving
me the thumbs up and people who couldn't stand the smell coming from
the blue 2-stroke smoke coming out of the exhaust. I didn't really
care though because I was having a fun time and that's what it's all
about. I stopped at Roberta's hats and took a peek inside at all of
the awesome hats they carry. I wanted to get a top hat but I also
didn't want waste my money because it's not something a person wears
very often these days, but then again thats why it would be perfect
for me.
After forcing myself away from Top Hats and Bowlers, I headed down to
the main causeway to meet up with everyone who was going on the
morning ride. Geoff was there, he was one CCSC members I met the night
before, a pretty cool guy and as a plus he had a picture of my scooter
as his computers desktop image. Geoff lead the ride out at about 10:30
and at 10:45 the riding party got separated into two parts, myself in
the back party. Since we had no idea where they had gotten to, we
decided to make a trek through the back roads of Victoria and up to
the top of Mount Douglass Provincial Park.
After taking in the sights and heading back to the causeway I picked
up my rally pack, met with some more people and talked scooters for
what must have been a couple of hours. most of the group decided to go
for a second ride but skipped out and instead went back to the suite
for a nap in the true Geezer spirit. I woke up and went to eat at
Earls, Earls was a place I loved to go to when I used to go to
Vancouver, BC. The food is great, the drinks are too and all of the
servers are incredibly beautiful. I had a pasta dish, the Chicken
penne alfredo. Later that night was a SKA show but I wasn't really in
the mood to jump around in 27ยบ inside a stuffy building to SKA Music,
even though I know it would have been really cool. Instead I watched
some movie on CTV about a Gay kid that wanted to go to the prom in a
catholic school. That doesn't make me gay does it? If it does, oh well.
The next morning started Pagliacci's with a Harpo omlette and a nice
side of black tea. I was able to talk to some members of both the
Vespa club of Seattle and the Westenders, mostly about JP Patches and
if the Mods and Rockers event is going to take place this year. They told
me I was a shoe-in for Best dressed Mod. After finishing breakfast and
shooting the breeze, we to the causeway yet again. Sitting around on the
causeway lasted until about 1:15 for me because I needed to catch the
ferry back home. I met Robert and his wife on there Pink Scooters on
the way home and had a fun ferry ride home. now if you want to see
some of the pictures I took go to
http://scoot.net/gallery/2008/05/gardencity/ (can't make the link work)
look under Mod Kevin to see my pictures.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I just got back from the Rally and...

Boy am I frickin' tired. I'll have stories and pictures to post later

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maybe I should make a banner

The rally is getting closer and I've been thinking it might be cool to make a banner to show off the Geezers in Canada. Problem is I really don't know where to start. My first thought was to get a strip of fabric and adhere the Geezer picture I made for a poster. If anybody has a quick inexpensive method, let me now

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upcoming Rally

Rally season has been upon us for a couple of months now and it's about time the Geezer make some sort of presence. The Garden City Moustache Ride In Victoria, British Columbia will be hosting its 24th year by the Capitol City Scooter Club and I have booked My reservations to stay for the weekend. I'm going to check with the rest of the Geezers to see if they want to come but I think there might be some schedule conflicts. Even with that said I know I will enjoy myself because I have been corresponding with the CCSC and they sound interested in hoping the COHO for a afternoon ride and followed by a nice lunch and vice versa with us.

It's Great to know that Canada and the United States can come together with our love of Scootering. Hopefully we can find other things in common too.